When it comes to winemaking, impatience won't get you far. The grapes grow just as fast as they want. And in the barrel, too, the wine matures as leisurely as it sees fit. At the Buchegger winery, the saying that good things take time is taken particularly seriously: Quality and know-how are the result of a maturation process that has now lasted well over a hundred years.
The Buchegger family has been dedicated to growing wine since 1893. Viticulture has an even much longer tradition in Gedersdorf, where most of the Buchegger vineyards are located. Gedersdorf was first mentioned in a document as early as 1190.
Walter Buchegger also grew up here. He learned how the winemaking basics from an early age from his father Leopold, who himself began to sell bottled wine under an own label in 1965. In 1994 Walter took over his father's business and established his respectful, gentle way of vinifying on some of the best locations in the Kremstal.
In 2006 the Buchegger winery moved to Droß, and the first harvest was processed here in the same year. The 11 hectares of vineyards naturally remained in Gedersdorf. Mainly Grüner Veltliner and Riesling grow in these vineyards, along with some Roter Veltliner, Chardonnay and Zweigelt.

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The wine of kings grows in and around the small town of Krems on the Danube. Winegrowers in the region (vinitores) were first mentioned in documents in 893. Today, historic vineyards and wineries coexist with the most modern wine industry. Austria's largest winegrowers' cooperative, a viticulture school and a viticulture museum are located here and ensure that the wine tradition is maintained.
Grüner Veltliner occupies more than half of the wine-growing area in Kremstal and shows a wide stylistic range: from fruity and fresh to powerful and rich in extract. The elegant and mineral Rieslings are truly impressive.

Climate & Terroir

The Kremstal region has very similar climatic conditions to the neighbouring Wachau. Here, there is a successful play between mild Pannonian and northern cool influences, which contributes to the perceptible power, aroma and complexity of the wines.
Soil types range from slate to gneiss and granite to loess and crystalline rock. There are also some zones with predominantly gravel, sand and clay.


In 2010 Walter Buchegger began to be more and more interested in the technology behind sparkling wine and champagne. The base for his first sparkling wine was harvested in 2014. Walter's legacy is the “Buchegger Große Reserve 2014”, a big sparkling wine made from Chardonnay grapes with 36 month on the yeasts. His Veltliner and Riesling stand for unadulterated varietal typicality, clear fruit and tastable origins. The winery has been a proud member of the Traditionsweingüter Österreich since 2015.
Since Walter Buchegger's sudden death in June 2018, his partner Silke Mayr has been running the business with her well-rehearsed team around cellar master Michael Nastl. The Buchegger wines will therefore retain their typical profile: unaffectedly typical of the region, of easily drinking elegance, shaped by the character of the loess and conglomerate soils - and continuously on the lookout for new ideas that will further improve their quality.

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