Testament winery looks out over the Adriatic Sea from its seat in Jadrtovac, a small town within Šibenik. The winery was founded as a testimony to the aforementioned rich viticultural history of its home region. Testament winery organically cultivates about 300 hectares of vineyards. Under the leadership of oenologist Juraj Sladić, the winery is a leading producer of Babić. Of the 100,000 bottles of Babić produced annually worldwide, 65,000 bottles are from.


Dalmatia is one of the four wine regions in Croatia, encompassing everything from Zadar and its hinterland to Konavlen in the extreme south of the country. It is in this region that the oldest records of grapevine cultivation on domestic soil were discovered; the Dalmatian part still traditionally produces more red than white wines. Dalmatia has some of the most beautiful vineyards in Croatia. These include the steep slopes, which are difficult and challenging to access, but it is there that the highest quality specimens of grapevines grow.

Climate & Terroir

The Mediterranean climate with its sunny, warm and dry summers makes the region an idyllic place for vacation and wine growing. Dalmatia produces full-bodied and mature wines, many of which are made from very old vines and indigenous varieties. What is also special about Dalmatia is the variety of vineyard sites and unique relief shapes, from vineyards in the narrow coastal belt along the sea coast to high and steep slopes or terraces cut into karst rocks.


Babić is a local Dalmatian red grape variety that comes from the UNESCO-protected Bucavac vineyard just 10 km from Testament. The Testament vineyard, planted 10 years ago, is situated on hills that slope down to the Adriatic Sea, providing a constant breeze that is noticeable in the wines. The vines grow in difficult conditions - in a limestone karst with less than 20% soil - and thus commit to first-class grapes.

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